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5 Ways to Draw More Attendees to Your Trade Show Booth

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When businesses exhibit at trade shows, it's a huge investment – of time, resources, and money. The business will be flush with new opportunities, connections, and maybe even partnership opportunities. From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at a trade show has hundreds of benefits for your business. Establishing a presence, whether big or small, for your company at a trade show gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers. The exhibits that strike the right balance between technology and nature tend to captivate more attendees. Hence, exhibiting is always a good idea but with the right tips and tricks. What required is to work on the basics to make things right. Like fully embrace the line of work and turn your booth into real-life manifestations of what you do. As an exhibitor, all these things will help you to get as many people into your booth and you will never fail to intrigue attendees.

Here are some of the few tips that can help you to draw more attendees to your trade show booth.

  • Reach Out Before the Event

A majority of trade show attendees are very specific in their approach, they choose the exhibits they will visit days before the event.  They do this, as they don’t want to waste their time wandering aimlessly around the venue. As an exhibitor, you have to reach out to the attendees before the event and the most cost-effective way to reach out is via email. Through email, you can contact customers who attend events regularly as well as those who are willing to attend the show. You can also mark personalized emails to generate a positive response from the clients.

Do this and you can expect most of your recipients to at least stop by your exhibit.

  • Make Social Media Your Ally

Social media is one of the strongest tools to interact and connect with customers, businesses, and leaders. Use social media as your weapon to drive the audience towards your exhibit. You can use Hashtags, as it will make your user identify your booth amongst the other competitors on the show floor. You can also tweet to companies and people, tell them about your product, and ask them to retweet using your Hashtag. Tweet fun images and videos to attract high footfall in your booth.

Use Instagram to promote your brand and drive sales, upload images, and videos and use multiple Hashtags to reach users. Create a business page on Facebook, set up an event date, and invite people, all this will help you to attract the right audience to your booth.

  • Give Attendees What They Need

Sit and think about what you can do to make trade show attendees feel special, you are on your way to gaining more fans, well-wishers, and most important, visitors at your booth.

Give attendees what they want, as you know trade shows are a big source of information for the attendees, attendees will walk all through the ground market their goods, interact with other attendees on the floor. A comfortable sitting space in your booth will make them feel overwhelmed, make them sit as long as want, offer them a drink, and then just try to build a relationship with them. All this will make your booth a magnetic lead amongst your attendees.

Another important idea is to install charging stations at your booth, as attendees walk all day clicking photos and videos of displays. All these activities drain the battery and this is the time when charging booths works in your favor. While they are at the charging station, you can go ahead and ask them about their business requirements.

  • Incentivize the Ones You Need

Complimentary gifts also play a vital role in attracting your potential customer to your booth. When an attendee comes to your exhibit, you must aim to build long-lasting relationships. Once you find the attendee interested in your product, give them thoughtful items. Distribute posters, key chains, and mugs to iPads, camcorders, and power banks, giveaways to attract audiences, develop leads, and improve brand recall. Always look for real leads and then distribute complimentary gifts to build a fruitful relationship with them.

  • Interactive Trade Show Display

Ensure your dominance on the show floor over a sea of generic stands with a custom constructed trade show exhibit. These trade show displays should reflect your unique attributes from the main structure to product displays and graphics down to the smallest details. Design a functional and welcoming exhibition stand where attendees will move through space, browse products and engage with booth staff. All these initiatives will ensure high footfall in your booth.

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