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Las Vegas is one of the top trade show destinations in the USA. Are you looking to exhibit at trade shows or events in Las Vegas? There are many reasons that so many people are setting up their trade show exhibits in Las Vegas. This city has so much to offer, from providing great accommodation to a stunning cityscape.

Each consecutive year several trade shows held in Las Vegas will help you to move your business forward. Getting prepared for these shows will improve your networking skills. Then you need to review these tips for exhibiting in this beautiful city.

  • Plan Ahead – Plan, rehearsed, and refine your presentation well in advance of the show. Make sure you have a firm timeline in place, from trade show booth design to manufacturing. The other factor which you need to plan in advance is to reserve your space on the floor, promote your show in advance. Even, if you are reusing elements from an existing trade show booth new york, you will need to start thinking about what adjustment you need to make for adding new features to wipe out the old ones.
  • Create a reason for visitors to come – Create an engaging booth for the trade shows. Give them a reason why they should put your company on their list. When they are into your booth, tell them about your new products, what giveaways or presentations you will be giving them. All these initiatives will generate curiosity among your attendees and generate high footfall in your booth.
  • Bring duct tape – During the event, bring a bag full of emergency supplies to help the clients. The trade show attendees walk all along the day might need the emergency supplies. Some of the emergency items include wet wipes, zip ties, extra cords, batteries, shelf-stable snacks, water. Offering these supplies will send a message to the client that we know what your requirement is.
  • Dress in layers- The weather in Las Vegas is unpredictable. One day it could be sunny and yet the temperature dip down at night. You need to be prepared for the conditions. The best way to do this is to dress in layers. Wear a trench coat, a coat, and gloves, when the temperature dips.
  • Comfortable shoes – While on the floor, bring a good worn-in pair of comfortable shoes to wear at the show. As you have to walk all along the day and wearing walking shoes will prevent sore spots and most important your shoes will not be sweaty the next morning.
  • Take photos – Do take a photo during the trade shows as it is invaluable for show promotions and for your post-show report. You can post these photos on social media, on your press release, for post-show emails, blogs, etc. It will also be very helpful when you are getting ready for next year’s event. It will jog your memory as to what worked in your favor and what did not.

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