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A Checklist For Your First Trade Show Event

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Trade fairs and the impact of trade show booths play an important role in marketing as well as business networking. Some trade fairs are open to the public while others can be attended by company representatives or professionals. Trade fairs involve a considerable investment in time and money by participating companies. Here we will talk about the first trade show event by a company.  Let us look at the checklist for your first trade show event.

Set your goals and objectives

The first and foremost step towards your first trade show event is to set your goals and objectives for the show. Make a list of the goals that you want to achieve by this exhibition and set objectives to actualize your goals. You can consider trade show booth rentals if need be. 

Decide your Budget

The second step is to decide your budget for the show. Once you have decided upon the budget then make mini budgets for investments in various sectors like trade show booth, material to be used, products and services to be showcased etc. Since it is the first time that you would be participating in the trade show you may try to go for the custom exhibition stand. It would allow you to showcase your idea in your style. If you wish to go for a high-end booth, trade show booth rentals are a good option for a first-timer. 

Set a marketing strategy

Plan about what would be your marketing strategy. Work on what would be the brand message and data on target customer demographics. Use social media to promote your trade show presence. Trade show booth manufacturers also contribute to your marketing plan by adding attractive banners for your booth. 

Seating Plan 

Have arrangements at your booth for a seating plan for the customers that would stop by your booth. A relaxed customer would like to listen to what you wish to share better than the one attending it in a cluttered environment. 

Build your network

Find ways to build your network and long-term connections. Keep trained staff at the booth who can communicate effectively and manage well the meeting and greeting with the customers. It is an important part of your show because your mannerism will be remembered and attract more customers to your booth. Keep a record of your customers and remember to follow up after the trade show has ended. Many trade show booth manufacturers provide their experienced staff for it. 

Additional services

In addition to your trade show booth planned services keep a check on a show for services such as electrical, booth cleaning, internet services, and drayage (also known as material handling). Spending on this would help to promote your trade show event and provide more opportunities for your business to grow. 

Be prepared for the unexpected

Keep cool at the show and do not panic if things don’t turn up as you had planned. Use your mistakes to improve for the future and apply changes patiently within the time zone to keep your trade show on track with your objectives and goals. 

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