Case Study Koelis

Show Name : AUA Show, 2018

Venue :The Moscone Center, San Francisco

Koelis, the Prostate Care Company, assists urologists and radiologists across the globe in their routine clinical practices, providing the latest technology for personalized prostate cancer planning and management.

Concept Till Execution Story

20' X 20' Custom Booth Design

Case Study Koelis

Bespoke Design with
High Logo Branding

Case Study Koelis

Interior View Of the Booth Design

Case Study Koelis

Open & Inviting Booth Design

Case Study Koelis

Strong Visuals to
Create Powerful Impressions

Case Study Koelis

Actual View

Case Study Koelis
Case Study Koelis


KOELIS was all set to be the largest gathering of a paramedical team. They are offering a new paradigm in prostate cancer care.

KOELIS was looking for such a trade show exhibit that would focus on the developing advanced, targeted and less invasive solutions and a new paradigm in prostate cancer care, to attendees at AUA Show 2018. It was a brilliant opportunity to address a global audience with interests in less-invasive interventional approaches that would enhance the quality of life for patients.


We provided a 20’ X 20’ custom booth with a Single Storey Agam Structure with 3mm PKM Panel and a well-executed plan which can leave their attendees spellbound. It was not an easy task but we rely on our expertise to make it a magnetic lead among our audiences. Triumfo Inc. lived its spirit to come up with the enhanced solutions:

  • A customized rental design to tell the brand story in a unique way.
  • We used a hanging structure with high-branded edge-lit font to emphasis KOELIS. This made it very easy for attendees to identify the stand from a distance.
  • A stand space where strong visuals are used to create powerful impressions with minimal text and attractive visuals to spike interest.
  • We created a stand that gives the look of having a larger booth space.
Case Study Koelis
Case Study Koelis


The design struck the right cords among the attendees as it helps us in attracting large crowds and collecting leads.

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