Trade shows or events offer you a platform to increase brand visibility within your industry while boosting your identity through networking. You can have face-to-face conversations with your attendees on the floor, which reinforce your brand value and solidify existing relationships.

People visiting the trade shows experience sensory overload, that’s why it is very essential to incorporate innovative ideas to make your booth stand out. Your product needs the kind of display that amalgams the brand’s story and a dash of creativity that visitors just can’t help but admire.

Here are a few tricks that might speed things and give your brand the desired attention it deserves.

Designs Driven by Goals

While designing your trade show booth design, you must have a firm set of goals that clearly define why you’re participating in the show and what you are looking to accomplish. Are you participating in this show to generate fresh leads? Are you launching new products? Or you are opting for the recent rebranding exercise? Whatever your objectives are it must reflect in your design. In other words, designs must be driven by your goals. Then, let your design flow from there.


Interactive Spaces

Designing interactive spaces cannot only be a fun and fascinating process but also fruitful too. Interactive spaces get the conversation started at the very instance hence, do not try anything radical. Your booth must be welcoming and spacious so that your attendees can explore your products on their own even when your staffs are busy.

Include kiosk or counter at the entrance of the booth where your attendees can get the basic idea about your offerings. Then, assign designated sitting areas for the attendees where they can sit. Lastly, ensure clutter free aisles to allow easy access in your booth. All these initiatives will make your booth a magnetic lead amongst the sea of generic stands.


Themed Exhibits

Themed exhibits create a memorable and unique experience for your brand. With themed exhibit, you can have every aspect of marketing blitz in your booth leaving the confines of traditional marketing.

 You can have everything in themed exhibits right from pre-show buzz and giveaways to staff uniforms, merchandising, and post-show promotions.

Themed exhibit transposes you into the land of a product or brand telling, the story using striking three-dimensional scenes.


Focus on Brand Identification

Brand recall is must-have for any business to attain long-term success as well as to shine over a sea of generic stands. Reserve a certain section of the booth to tell the story of your brand. For this, you can install video walls at the back of your booth or touch screens and iPads at demo stations.  Every element in the trade show booth right from graphics, signs, promotional pieces and giveaways should have a united, recognizable look that is unique to your company, ensures your complete focus is on brand recognition. Your trade show booth design must celebrate your brand colours and seep into the minds of your attendees.

Games, Contests & Giveaways

Participating attendees’ minds bubbles with endless sales pitches and unremitting demonstrations, hence including some fun in the form of games, contests, and giveaways will be fruitful. It will grab the attention of the passers-by and keep them engaged.  Plan for giveaways or prizes for the winner of the contest, whatever initiatives you took must link back to your brand story or about your new offering, the sole goal should be of selling your brand.

Virtual Reality

Usage of virtual reality for your business, event, tradeshow, or exhibition will arouse the interest of people around you. The attendee’s minds are uprooted with thousands of sales pitches, so in order to standout install displays with VR stations. They would love dooming VR goggles and will surely enter your interactive space. Give your audience a multi-sensory experience that engages & gives your customers a first-hand feel of your product.

Take your attendees on a virtual tour of your business premises and let them interact with some of your staff members.

Unique Product Demos

Attendees on the floor always look for the inspirational ideas that instantly captivate their attention. Hence, your product demos should be unique and around your brand objectives. Create an ideal atmosphere where attendees can try out your products for themselves. This could be implemented either via workstations in your booth or through creative use of technology like VR/AR.  If your product has been recently upgraded, design your demos in such a way that how the upgraded version of your product is better than the older version.


All trade show booth ideas, no matter how clever or creative on their own, demand the perfect execution to create an everlasting impression.