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With changing times, the ways of promoting your brand in the trade shows are increasing at a faster pace. Now people are not only attracted to a custom-made booth or a traditional booth but now the focus has been shifted towards the fabric displays.

Let’s take a glance at what fabric displays are all about and how many types of fabric display are there, and how it is beneficial for your brand.

What is Fabric Display?

Fabric displays are the trade show display companies that are generally used at commercial or public spaces, like they are ideal for the trade shows, sports arenas, retail stores, and many such places wherein you want to grab the attention of your audience towards your brand and not forget with an affordable range.

They generally give a very distinctive look and make your trade show booth rental Las Vegas out of others by making it more interactive and flexible in comparison to other booths. These types of displays generally use dye-sublimation technology and make your fabric wrinkle-free and thereby helping in drawing the attention of potential customers.

Seek Peek into the types of fabric displays

Pop Up fabric displays

A trade show display ideas come into a collapsible frame, which makes them an easy way to carry from one trade show to another. Due to its collapsible property, it gives an ability to combine the frame, and also due to its structured nature, it makes you free from the tension of assembling and reassembling graphics.

Hanging Fabric displays

Second displays stands are hanging fabric displays the name clears that these display booths are generally hung up from the ceiling instead of placing it on the floor just like the other tradeshow booth rentals. Signs are the best way to attract the attention of the attendees from a far view with an exhibit hall.

Backlit Fabric Displays

Fabric displays are the most creative way of grabbing the attention of attendees, and if we add backlit to normal fabric displays then it will help in positioning a crystal-clear brand message within the minds of attendees. Backlit fabric displays are the ones in which we add the lights on the backdrop and then a standard display into a brighter and attractive backdrop.

Tabletop fabric displays

Easy to manage and transport displays booths, which are generally compact in size than the one hanging from a wall or ceiling, and that can comfortably fit on the top of the table. They have a very lightweight frame that can easily hold the graphics and, due to its simplicity and uniqueness, it is quite familiar among the trade show’s participants.

These are some of the fabric displays that can be chosen based on your company’s product and also based on the message that you wanted to convey to your audience.

Let’s see some of the benefits that fabric displays offer.

Hassle-free Assembly

While the installations of all the trade show booth displays are not the same, so in the case of fabric displays due to their collapsible frame, these displays can be assembled within a short time and can amaze your audience within no time.

Reduction in unnecessary transit cost

If we talk about the custom-built booths or any other traditional booths, then due to its heavy material handling and shipping will be a costly process, but if we talk about the fabric displays, that are also known as pop up and portable displays, are considered light weighted and easy to transport.

Free from Wrinkle

Fabric displays generally reduce the stress of unprofessional or wrinkle-filled graphics in your trade show booth. These types of displays offer a wrinkle-free, high quality and that offers proper maintenance of your graphics work.

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