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Giving your trade show booth personnel a cohesive look is very important. The success of your trade show depends on a wide range of things. The design of your booth and branding; the product information; an engaging experience and the personal presentation of the staff. Apparel doesn’t determine how competent your staff are, but they do leave a big impact on the trade show booth rental visitors. With the right attitude and right clothes, you can create wonders on the floor. You should coordinate their appearance and ensure everyone looks professional for the event. Now the question is what are the available options? There are three types of attire that you can wear on the floor. Your booth staff should adopt either business formal, a business professional or business casual. In the pre-show meeting, convey to your team what is expected from them in terms of their attire and appearance.

  •       Invest in branded clothing

Are you looking for a cohesive look for your booth personnel? Ask your staff to wear the uniform, it makes an immediate association with your brand or company. You can go for customised event apparel with clear designs. Nowadays, screen printing and digital transfer are the two methods followed for producing customised apparel.

A little outfit coordination is necessary, either you can choose a business casual or a formal. Another option is to choose a colour for each day of the portable trade show displays.

  •       Little branding on event apparel

A little branding on the event apparel is very necessary, even if you are wearing normal clothes. A branded polo shirt with a badge, button, lanyard and name tag on. It helps the visitor to identify your booth staff easily. A piece of visual information helps them to recognise your brand or company.

  •       Coordinate Colour with Your Brand 

While choosing clothes colour for your teammates, the best option is to match with the company logo. The visitor can easily connect easily with your brand.

Colour greatly influence human emotion as well as behaviour. It is one of the important tools used in the business. But if you are using the company colour as the theme of the booth, it might be better to choose the contrasting colour for your staff to wear on the trade show booth design floor. Your booth personnel will look dynamic and stand out on the floor.

  •       Bonus Tips for Creating the Perfect Look

 Face to face interaction is the most powerful way to communicate with your visitors, educate them about your business. The people who represent your company should be professionally dressed. Follow these tips for creating a perfect look for your booth

  • Avoid wearing tight or revealing clothes.
  • Buy a pair of cushioned insoles for your shoes.
  • Staying away from big or flashy.
  • Avoid strong perfume as some people are sensitive to fragrances.

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