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How to Design an engaging trade show booth?

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Having trade show exhibit booths that can steal the show is a matter of honor for any trade show booth builder. There are a lot of companies promising to deliver unique designs that are outstanding and lately many organizations have been able to achieve this goal. While we visit a trade show, there are a lot of mesmerizing designs that can make your heart skip a beat. The question however arises that how to create an engaging trade show booth. 

There are a lot of techniques that can make a trade show stand construction more welcoming. Let us discuss some of them here.


Effective communication with the visitors at the trade show event is a challenging task. It is difficult for a salesperson to figure out who are the potential customers. It matters a lot more when you invest your time in the potential customers than in the random people who are there exploring the booths to update their knowledge about the latest trends in the market. In such a scenario it becomes important to come up with ideas that can enable effective communication and lead to converting visitors into potential customers. There is one such technology that can resolve the challenges of such a situation known as Projection mapping. We can say that Projection mapping is the new age brand communication technology that focuses on user experience. The trade show booth manufacturers are to be communicated previously so that these kinds of enhancers can be fabricated in the booth design.  

Projection mapping is a visual display technique that maps the projected images on any surface thereby transforming it into a video screen. It creates a 3D visual experience by projecting videos and images on the surface. It is shown in the studies that the human mind tends to retain more when studied in the projection form than in the traditional way. A living effect is created by the projections which make it popular to be used in trade show events. Even without saying a word this technology has the potential to grab the attention of people. We can say that new technology has changed the way trade shows are projected. In recent times with such a competitive environment, it is important to execute the system according to the latest trends to survive the tough competition. Projection mapping gives a new outlook on how communication can be efficiently achieved with a wide audience. Interested visitors are attracted by the information and we can expect a relevant crowd at the booth.

Virtual walls

Virtual walls use LED and Projector screens to provide a digital canvas which makes the trade show booth highly interactive. You can do a lot of fun activities on the virtual walls like making notes, drawings, and playing touchscreen games. It gives a new face to your 20x20 trade show booth ideas.

Interactive floor

The most ignored portion of the trade show booth has a high potential to be converted into something magnificent. The interactive floors are LED lights with a proximity sensor that can detect movement. They can be used to change lights when the visitors walk on them or to create some interesting games out of this feature. They make your custom exhibition stand highly interactive. You can discuss with your booth builder about various ideas that interactive floor can be used to make the trade show booth more engaging.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

If you want to create a 360-degree view of the objects that are otherwise difficult to showcase in the prescribed area then we can make use of technology like Augmented Reality and Virtual reality. You can also use it like a photo booth to add a fun element to your booth. It gives a style element to your booth when you use the latest technology to enhance the features of your booth. To remain at par with other competitors in the market one has to adhere to the use of the latest equipment, tools, and technology.


Beacons are small wireless transmitters that are programmed with a piece of specific information and transmit radio signals to nearby Bluetooth devices. They can be used for a number of purposes like for navigation to a particular booth or to promote offers, discount coupons, etc. Beacons are smart technology that can be intelligently incorporated within the booth design and can make your booth quite interactive thereby making it more engaging. They are remarkable gadgets for efficient communication using modern-day techniques. A lot of exhibitors use beacons in their booths to enhance it further and to avail the benefit of digital communication that works best for their exhibition.

4D storytelling multi-sensory installations

If you have ever visited a 4D theatre, you must have witnessed these features. Multi-sensory installations create a sensory experience of sound, touch, taste, feel and sight. People tend to remember such experiences long after the trade show event is over. If you are looking to make a mark in the minds of the visitors and wish to be remembered after the trade show event for good then you can use this technique which enhances the experience. Consequently, you will also be able to grab a large amount of traffic to your booth as people like to try out things that give them a unique sensory experience.

Colors and Lighting

Colors add life to a place. You must have seen that more people are attracted to bright lively colors than dull ones. Using bright colors at the trade show booth can add a lively element to your booth and can make it more welcoming. Likewise, the use of decorative lighting can add a décor element to your booth. In addition to making your booth well-lit, it adds to the beauty of the booth. Everyone like to please their senses with beautiful things around them. Studies have shown that people like to gather around an area that is well-lit and beautifully decorated. You can catch more eyeballs by incorporating these styles into your booth.

Overhead hangings

Overhead hangings give a stylish outlook to the otherwise empty space. They have been used for décor from ancient times in some or the other way. The designs have improved and so have the styles evolved with time. Beautiful overhead hangings give your trade show booth an attractive look and can attract more visitors to the booth. You can make use of this time to interact with the visitors to make it more engaging.

Keeping a harmless pet

Communicating with a pet animal is one of the most appreciated activities liked by people. When given this opportunity at a trade show booth it adds a fun element to the otherwise monotonous place. Several booths trying to explain the same thing in many different ways can sometimes make the experience dull. In such a phase having a look at a cute pet animal can refresh your senses and awaken your mind. Keeping a harmless pet like an aquarium or a bird can attract more traffic to your booth and thereby gives you an opportunity to be more engaging.

Useful Freebies

Some exhibitors use the technique of giving away some small useful freebies to attract more traffic. It can really prove to be an efficient technique if executed within budget. Your custom trade show exhibits can become more engaging by using this technique that has evolved lately. Exhibitors like to offer free water bottles or a small diary and a pen to note down important details etc.

Eye-catching banners

Banners help a lot to reflect the message of the brand and are an important feature of the trade show booth. If designed meticulously it can add to the décor of the booth while reflecting the brand’s message. By making the message bold and clear through the banners one can achieve the perfect blend of value-adding resources and a welcoming approach. When people can easily make out what your booth is all about and what can they expect at your booth, you’ll be attracting a more relevant crowd at your booth. It makes the environment more fruitful and engaging to have potential customers gather around your booth purposefully.

Interactive games

Many exhibitors like to have some fun at their booth by executing small games at the booth to make the environment more engaging and competitive. People appreciate the idea of playing and winning. It gives a great feeling to win something and having some informative fun games that can add a welcoming element at your booth. And hence with more number of individuals at your trade show booth, you will be able to have more opportunities to generate leads.

Host an interactive product demonstration

Host an interactive product demonstration at your booth. While making the booth more engaging with this approach also gives an opportunity for people to have a real-time observation of the products that they are looking to purchase. It makes the decision process stronger and more effective while making the booth more interactive and engaging.

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