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Trade show giveaways ideas is a strategic lead generating tactic. It’s a great way to market and promote your product. The question is how useful is the product that you are giving away. There are many unique giveaway ideas that are compelling but always look for the one that is cost-effective, branded, and beneficial for the target audience. Products like USB flash drive, keychain light, power banks, and drawstring bags are very useful in the longer run.

Ask a question from the visitors and handover the giveaway for a small piece of information. It will create buzz on the floor and attendees will come to your booth in a large number. Now, the question is what should you actually give them? There are many giveaway ideas that you can use it on the trade show floor.

  • Key Chain Light

The key chain light is a concept so simple and yet so useful. You can attach it directly to your car keys. Imagine having your product name on someone’s key, promoting your brand name. It’s a cost-effective promotional item which will be in front of everybody eyes almost every day.

  • USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives make a great giveaway for the event. It keeps the customer file, photo, music safe for a long period of time. Personalise them with your logos and brand name.  Putting the company information in the flash drive and present it to your attendees. It allows attendees to look back into the information. This works well in the trade shows. What’s a better time for the brand to be visible when you really need a USB flash drive.

  • Drawstring Bag

This cost-efficient trade show item can be used right away. You can use it for an everyday affair. Imagine keeping your company’s identity in front everywhere they travel. Let your attendees walk away with an item that reflects your company’s identity. Drawstrings bags are the perfect giveaway items on the floor.

  • Power Banks

A power bank is another essential promo item. They are very useful at the trade shows, as the attendees spend much time roaming on the exhibition floor. It prevents the attendees from being device-less. A printed power bank with a brand logo is a great way to market your business.

These are some unique and creative giveaways ideas that help you in attracting your prospect.

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