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How to get more leads using trade show booth ideas

trade show booth design ideas

Social Media and Internet have taken up an important position as means of marketing for industries. However the value of trade shows still remains intact. There is a special feeling in meeting the customers and other exhibitors’ in-person and exchange valuable communication. Though digitalization has even changed the face of how trade shows are being organized today but the virtual events and social media still cannot change the impact that meeting in-person can make. It still holds that important place and value. While the trade shows have transformed in many ways due to advancement in technologies, so have the ideas improved in how the trade shows can be made more effective. 

Trade show booths have evolved to a great extent from earlier times and exhibitors today pay a lot of attention to the trade show booth design ideas. A lot of technological appliances have started to gain popularity that can efficiently make a trade show booth more creative and engaging. There is a special importance of having an engaging booth as it has the capability to make the visitors involve and participate. More the number of visitors at your booth, better are the chances that you can generate more leads. 

But is that that simple. Can you really have more people visit your booth with a traditional booth set-up? The answer is No. So much has changed and evolved from the time when the traditional set-up was suffice to grab the attention of visitors. Now there are custom exhibit booths that are designed specifically according to the needs of exhibitors and several other trade show booth design ideas that can make your trade show booth stand out from the crowd. 

Let us discuss some trade show booth design ideas that can help you get more leads.

Choose the perfect location

When you are deciding to have the perfect booth for your trade show, give high importance to where you would like your trade show booth to be. Choosing the perfect location for your exhibit booth is very important. For example if you chose the space near the entrance, it can give you a lot of good opportunities to come across enthusiastic crowd. People are in high spirits when they enter the trade show and are more willing to explore fully when they enter the booths that are near to the entrance. The reason being after some time, by the end of the exhibition floor they are too tired to focus on the booths and are just in a hurry to wind up their experience.

 However, as much as we want our trade show booth display to be near the entrance, the space just at the entrance must be avoided. People enter the crowded space and are in a hurry to find some breathing space from where they can begin their exploration. The booths just adjacent to the entrance are likely to be missed unless you are holding something very special that can grab the attention of the visitors. Make wise choices when you are looking for the perfect space. Places near the café’s, restrooms and cross junctions are also likely to be visited a lot by the visitors and having the space near them can affect your trade show booth traffic. Choosing a right place will give you more than you can give it credit to. 

Invest in innovative trade show booth 

Trade show booth manufacturers are giving highly innovative and unique exhibition stands these days. With high competition in the market, the variety of trade show booths has shown a remarkable growth. There are a lot of unique and innovative designs of trade show booths available that can mesmerize the audience. A lot of features like projections, virtual walls, interactive floor, beacons etc. are available that can enhance the presentation of the trade show booth. 

You can expect a large number of visitors attracted by the booth and coming to visit your booth. The recent times have shown great transformation by the way presentation has affected the trade fairs ROI. Investing in an exhibition stand has become a necessity. The exhibitors’ competition starts with the trade show booth now. Some exhibitors add a lively component like keeping an aquarium or a live pet animal to make the booth more attention grabbing. All in all, there are a lot of techniques available to enhance your booth, you just need to work out which can best suit your situation and budget. 

Keep the trained staff at trade show booth

After the trade show exhibit builders have done their task, the next necessary element at your booth are the staff members. Always ensure that your staff at the exhibition floor is well experienced and trained that can handle the visitors well. Staff members with high etiquette, good mannerisms, outgoing personality and wise understanding of sales can be the right fit for your trade show booth. No matter how wonderful your trade show booth is, it is incomplete without an efficient staff. Even if you have been able to make the visitors come to your booth, without having the ability to convert them into potential customers will give you a bad result. You need to have an efficient staff that can generate leads for you in order to make your trade show event successful. 

Follow up soon after the trade show event

After your trade show is over and you are done with your list of contacts that you have gained during the trade show, the important phase is to follow up with the contact list soon after the trade show is over. The reason being, you will be still fresh in the memory of visitors after the trade fair and sharing some updates, blogs and informative material will give them ample opportunity to think with a cool mind and decide to invest in your products and services. Ask your contacts politely what would be the right medium to contact them after the trade show and act accordingly. Emailing them or giving them a short call reminding them of the additional features that they can have if they invest in your products can be a of great value. 

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