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Exhibiting in an event is an expensive affair that requires a massive investment of time and money. So, there is a lot of pressure on the exhibitor to get everything right for the show. Apart from the trade show booth design and getting the best booth location in the show, there are many other factors that you should consider to improve your trade show booth management. The following tips will help you in effective trade show booth management.

  • Selecting the right staff

Selecting the right staff for your booth is very important. They must be selected based on their customer handling experience. Train your booth personnel and give them a clear brief about your business objectives. They must be groomed properly in neat and clean uniforms. The uniform must compliment your booth designs. Deploy the minimum number of staff at your booth. Ensure your staff never miss a single lead.

  • Train your staff with a sales script

Create behavioural profiles on your customer to formulate a script that appeals to them. Never try to invade their personnel space by following the old script like “Can I help you?” Prepare a list of open-ended questions, teach them how to qualify the potential customer? How to find whether the visitor is interested in their products or not? All these initiatives will bring fruitful result for your business.

  • Keep it short

 Whether it’s to boost attendance or inform your attendees about the new updates, keep it simple. Don’t bombard them with a lot of information as it might create confusion. Try to provide real-time up to date information to attendees.

  • Declutter your trade show booth

Every element in your trade show booth serve a purpose, don’t try to add unnecessary products. For example, don’t add the TV screen when the banner serves the same purpose.

This rule applies to the marketing collaterals also. Don’t fill your booth with flyers and brochures. So, just declutter them and remove things that looks pointless.

  • Pay attention to logistics

Logistic is one important aspect you can’t ignore. There are several logistical matters that need to be taken care off. For example, Where is the trade show being held at? How will the exhibition booth be transported? How will you procure the parts to the event destination?

The ideal method to tackle this is to hire the trade show booth rental firm and offload your responsibility to them. They will completely manage your trade shows right from concept to installation, dismantling and shipping.

Triumfo Inc. is the reliable trade show exhibit rental in Las Vegas, manufacturing exceptional booths for the events. They build incredible exhibits. Their specialisation lies in the custom, modular, double-decker and country pavilion trade show booth. They will plan everything to make your show a huge success.

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