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Trade shows are considered as the gold mines of business intelligence and lead generation. When done in the right spirit deliver the best results for your business. Courteous notation like “Thank you, cold calls, field visits and follow-up emails, builds the next level of relationship and sales.

Are you too afraid to take the leap and invest in an exhibition? Let Triumfo be your trade show booth rental anaheim to help you to make your booth stand out. A trade show partner is an asset to your business.

Below tips will help you in attaining your objectives at the trade show.

  • Determining the budget

When preparing for the event, allocate budget for each section. Do not forget to include areas for food and beverage, the venue, decor, supplies and many more. Always keep room for the extra expenses as you never know the unseen circumstances. Create a detailed checklist and include the projected item for each item. Furthermore, make a column for payment dates as you won’t be missing any dates or their aftermath consequences like lost out supplier or paying a hefty late fine.

  • Give them a bonus experience 

Give your attendees a bonus experience by organising a special concert with an artist that resonates with your audience. You can also create a micro event based on the interest of your attendees, it depends upon you when to introduce the bonus experience.

  • Add humour 

Humour keeps your audience relax and attentive. It makes your presentation more memorable. We all agree that in this stressful atmosphere it feels good to laugh. Humour conveys your message effectively and increase footfall in your booth.

  • Welcome queries from your prospects 

Be prepared to face the queries that arise during the presentation. Listen to them and try to solve the query as much as you can. You need to show enthusiasm when you are facing the question. An interactive atmosphere attracts a large number of attendees into your booth.

  • Collaboration and teamwork

Sales representatives need to work in teams. They shouldn’t lack coordination instead collaborate with each other to achieve a pre-determined goal. This happens only when they know each other roles and responsibilities and stick to the division of the tasks. They also have the bridge the gap for a teammate when he or she is on the tea break, meal or has an email to respond. Train your team well ahead of the show.

  • Close sales without causing resentment 

Exhibitor generally doesn’t respond to telesales or direct mail regardless of how much value they might offer. They consider it as an intrusion into their lives and are annoyed by sales calls. Ask your sales personnel to show their skills on the trade show floor as exhibiting at a trade show gives your company an unprecedented level of access without entering your privacy. Typical objection disappear like annoying sales call and intrusion into your privacy. Instead completely focused on the buying mood of the clients.

Triumfo Inc. is one of the leading trade show booth rental Boston, creating an impeccable booth for the events. Our head office is located in Las Vegas, equipped with all the modern amenities and latest CNC machinery. We create custom, modular and country pavilion trade show booths. Call us for your upcoming project.

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