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Know the Best Marketing Tips at Trade Shows

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Trade shows offer an incredible opportunity to gain multiple advantages such as branding, brand awareness, direct marketing, lead generation, and a lot more. Among all of the benefits, the most beneficial one is direct marketing. Trade fairs and expos are a great platform to perform direct marketing through which you can generate potential leads and also make sales.

How easy it might sound but performing direct marketing is something that requires proper skills. Sometimes Exhibit Design Companies Chicago  are clueless about how to perform marketing due to which they aren’t able to make the most out of the available opportunity.

Hence, we are mentioning a few useful trade show marketing tips that will be really useful while interacting with visitors and turning them into potential leads.

Engage in Conversation

The easy way to interact with visitors is to hand out testers to them and make demonstrations on how your products work and how they can be beneficial but along with this you also need to qualify that those people buy that product from you. And you cannot make this happen by asking them a million questions or asking them to fill in complicated forms.

The best way to qualify your leads is by simplifying your conversations or by asking about their expectations of the product and telling them how your product can satisfy their needs. Also, ensure that these questions flow naturally within conversation so that you don’t seem Sales or like pursuing them to buy your product.

Don’t Exchange Business Cards

Handing out business cards is a traditional method for networking and sales but in a way, they add friction to your Exhibit booth rental in Las Vegas. By handing out your business card, you are also placing the burden on the visitor to get in contact you create friction. Always remember that if you have qualified a potential customer, you should never hand them a business card and send them on their way, hoping that they will call you.

In place of that, there are many different systems you can employ to remove the friction. One such way is to use something like iCapture which is an app that allows you to take a picture of a business card and the details from the business card are instantly uploaded to your CRM. This will have a conversation with your visitor freely and follow up with them at a later time.

Onsite Meeting Room

One sure-fire way to remove friction is to have a meeting room for your exhibition booth ideas. You can also schedule meetings after the event, but having an onsite meeting room gives you the flexibility to hold meetings with potential clients right then and there. This helps up to a great extent in removing friction as there is no need to plan meetings for later and to work around each other’s diaries. Instead, you can head straight into the onsite meeting room with your potential customer and have a discussion.

In case your budget doesn’t allow you to build separate onsite meeting rooms then make sure you have furniture available where you can invite your visitors to sit and have a discussion with you. For this, you can have proper communication with your hired exhibition stand builders and convey your idea so they can help you achieve your goals. This will definitely make it easier to have discussions with your potential clients, make sales and deals and remove unnecessary barriers for your customers.

Fulfil all your Marketing Goals with Triumfo

Being in business for more than 22 years made Triumfo an experienced and reliable exhibition stand builder which understands all of your marketing goals and also ensures that you achieve them. Triumfo offers such a unique exhibition stand along with turnkey exhibition services that allow you to put all your attention on visitors rather than worrying about your exhibition stand.

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