Rental vs Buying

Are you looking for a partner to design a custom trade show booth within your budget that highlights your company’s brand identity?
Triumfo offers you full services, from start to end, to create a customized trade show booth that reflects your brand image.


With brands and organizations looking out for renting or buying out? What we think is better: renting or owning a trade show booth. Both renting and buying have their own merits and demerits depending on the frequency of exhibiting. Few important questions:

What is the nature of the industry for which you are organizing the trade show?

All these depend on the difference whether you are renting or buying!



  • Renting is quite affordable for flexibility.
  • With the choice of buying and renting the trade show display features, with the team with logo, colour, and strategy across the exhibition and trade shows are helpful.
  • Renting allows the most modernistic design that’s supported and innovatively backed by technology.
  • Renting provides all the brand’s amazing reachable opportunity.
  • Customization is applicable and operational for specific shows.
  • With renting customization is easier for trade booth shows.


  • There can be a chance of wear and tear in the trade show booth while renting.
  • You don’t own it.
  • With the rental, you can get a trade show display booth that is not even brand new and of the latest design.
  • Amazing rental company for maintaining and looking after the booths to avoid any issues.




  • By investing in a trade show booth, your team has the freedom to customize it anytime.
  • It’s always at your disposal whenever you need it.
  • It’s important to showcase the bought exhibition stand across the number of times per year.
  • It might make sense for you to invest in buying a trade show booth outright, especially if any of your shows are in the same part of the country.
  • It’s consistent brand-wise, if not can be altered anytime.
  • When you buy a customized trade show booth, you are compelled to choose one design from a marketing standpoint, that’s quite good.
  • If you are a frequent exhibitor, having a consistent and well-branded booth can lead to increased brand recognition from your attendees.


  • Owning a booth makes you responsible for its maintenance.
  • Now you don’t need to worry about repair of any broken fixtures or chipped circuits.
  • Storage of the trade show booth can be tricky.
  • Chances are, your office doesn’t have space to safely store the trade show booth.
  • It’s very tough to cope up with the changing trends anytime.
  • As the brand keeps growing, then the industry changes and fluctuates in line with the creative team that wants to get engages in the latest marketing trends. Unfortunately with the trade show booth, it can prove to be quite problematic.
  • Changing an already-customized trade show display exhibit is not easy.
  • By foregoing the most groundbreaking new marketing techniques in place of blowing the budget for any booth modification.
  • Rebranding a fully customized booth isn’t easy.
  • Buying and customized trade show booth outright can be an investment.
  • With plans of changing the branding or image, it might not make any sense to own the booth.
  • Also, it can aggravate the struggle while being operational, after the rebranding which is to be depicted at the exhibition.