Capabilities at a Glance

design concept
graphic design
project management
install and dismanatle
onsite supervision

3D Design & Concept Development

The concept design and development process involve progressing initial sketches that include flat CAD, the generation of 3D CAD models, soft models or mechanical test rigs. We create a 3D design to refine and develop manufacturable designs.

Trade Show Booth Production

After getting the final nod, these layouts are further shared with the team. Our carpenter team design the booth based on your layout. While designing, we go creative with your innovative ideas. We ensure that your booth design should reflect the key message of your brand.

Graphic Design & Production

Our graphics production capabilities are the best. We create art from just sketches to converting designer-generated artwork into production-ready documents. Our graphic design and production department is another creative hub making your journey easy and productive.

Worldwide Transportation & Logistics

We drive the complexity of transportation & logistics for pulling, packing, prepping, shipping, and setting up your trade show display safely and to the customer’s specifications. We have a robust logistic network with our corporate office worldwide.

Installation & Dismantling

Our adept team saves time and money by offering impeccable installation and dismantle services. Once the installation is complete, we thoroughly clean your booth so you are fully prepared for the opening day of the show. After the completion of the show, we dismantle it.

Project Management

We offer you on-site supervision and storage for your booth so that you can remain hassle free and only worry about pulling off an excellent presentation. We are very pro-active and are able to provide constructive input for any possible hazards.