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Trade Show Booth Designs for Commonly Used Booth Sizes

Trade Show Booth Designs for Commonly Used Booth Sizes

There are multiple types of trade show booth designs available in the market that can give you a hard time choosing the one for your exhibition stand. One thing that you must keep in mind while choosing a design for your trade show booth rental in las vegas is the size of your booth. Booth size affects your trade show design in various ways.

Trade show booths are available in various sizes for which a number of designs are available. These designs are used to maximize the impact of the booth on the visitors. To help you we have mentioned here the best design for the commonly used booth sizes. Now you can select the one for your booth with ease.

10×10 Trade Show Booth Designs

10x10 trade show displays are also called in-line exhibit spaces. Most of the brands go for this trade show booth size as these are the most affordable booth size that offers enough space to companies to present their message and accommodate attendees.

When you are using this trade show booth, it is advisable to use attention-getting graphics to take full advantage of your available booth space. We are mentioning a few options that you can consider while using this trade show booth size:

  • You can think of incorporating curves such as curved accents, curved back-wall, or curved arches to enhance your booth design. For curves work great for this size booth and would give a stylish touch.
  • Avoid having a big-sized table at the front of your 10×10 Trade Show booth as this will create a barrier between you and your visitors.
  • One option is to rent a LED pedestal to place product samples, monitor, and more at the front.

10×20 & 10×30 Trade Show Booth Designs

You give new design possibilities for your exhibition stand by choosing a 10×20 or 10x30 trade show displays space. Twenty-foot booth sizes offer possibilities of various three-dimensional designs. Also, there is a number of options available for this size of trade show booth.

  • Try creating small work areas within your booth for making presentations, displaying products, or meeting with clients.
  • One idea is to have a bridge that can come off your back wall to the front of the middle of your booth. This will put your brand name or message at it. This will make visitors see your name from a distance as they walk towards your booth.
  • You can also place a tower in the middle of your back wall, to get a higher attention-grabbing impact.

20×20 Trade Show Booth Designs

These are large-sized booths also known as islands booths that allow you to attract a lot of visitors and leave a mesmerizing impression due to their enormous size.

  • With island booths you can easily have different areas for demonstrating your products/services, maintaining leads, having a private meeting, and even storing promotional giveaways.
  • You can design graphic messages that must be visible from every side when placed on hanging signs, towers, or bridges.
  • With these trade show booth sizes, you can make a statement and communicate that you’re someone worth doing business with.

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