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Trade Show Display Ideas to give a Fun Experience to Visitors

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We know how much planning, plotting, effort, and money goes into trade show exhibits as they give your brand an excellent opportunity to gain new leads and the right platform to connect to the world. There is a reason why business leaders and experts from all around the world attend trade shows with the aim of providing their brand with the kind of exposure it needs.

Exhibiting in trade shows requires real effort but do you know what requires more effort? It is to attract the right audience to your trade show exhibit companies. When you can spend a heck of time, money, and labour to design and build a compelling trade show exhibit then why not spend a little more effort in giving your visitors a new and exciting experience?

If you want to attract the right audience to your exhibit and make your exhibit a fun experience for them then we can help you in your endeavour. Here we are mentioning a few trade show ideas that can be unique and will give your exhibit an exciting vibe that will make your brand the limelight of the show.


Nothing can be more exciting than games, be it outdoor or indoor games. The very reason for this is, that games are always fun and make your mood light and cheerful. This is the perfect reason for you to arrange some exciting games at your trade show booth rental in Dallas. Not only this, but games are also a helpful way to engage your audience. Hence, the payoff you get after organizing games at your exhibit is two-fold.

Also, it doesn’t require a lot of budget as most games are simple to set up and don’t require the assistance of experts. Your staff can quickly learn and arrange them for visitors. Moreover, it has been noticed that trade show booth games drag visitors in and more visitors mean more traffic.

The Prize Wheel

Who doesn’t love free gifts and giveaways? And the prize wheels are the perfect way to make visitors thrilled about winning one as they also create a lot of excitement. During the ‘spin the wheel’ moment, the crowd along with the player becomes curious to see the result. There are various ways in which you can organize a prize wheel at your exhibit design companies in San Diego and keep it exciting and interesting.

Scratch off cards

Scratch-off cards are one of the fun trade show booth ideas and are convenient for both visitors and exhibitors as they require little investment and are easy to carry. Also, exhibitors don’t require much space to set up and distribute them and attendees don’t need to wait for their turn. Moreover, exhibitors can reimburse visitors at any time during the trade show. The anticipation to win big brings attendees to your exhibit and gives them a try at your scratch cards.

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Social Media Contest

This is definitely one of the most exciting things that definitely engage people. So, why not add social media to your ideas of a fun trade show booth? There are various different types of social media games that you can organize using various social media platforms for instance a contest, a trivia contest, raffles, or a lucky draw. Not only they are easy to take part in but also take a few seconds for users to like, reply, and react.

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