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what are the benefits of adding trade show flooring to your exhibit

trade show exhibit design

The exhibit flooring is an important design element that can give your booth a coordinated, cohesive look. It presents your brand personality with style and flair. For a successful tradeshow exhibit, you need trade show exhibit design flooring that is compact, eye-catching, and easy to install.

An exhibitor can choose from a variety of flooring options

  • Raised Flooring

Raised Flooring is easier to install and offers a more formal look and feel than other available options. It creates a continuous void under the floor surface which you can utilize to route all technical systems. Raised Flooring is available in different styles, colours, and finishes. It looks like wood, gives a polished and sophisticated look to your Trade show exhibit design companies in New York.

  • Carpet

Carpet is one of the simplest and most economical options. With a variety of colors, styles, and thicknesses, you can send any message you want with trade show carpeting underfoot. An exhibitor can add more style and energy to their booth from patterned, inland, and printed varieties of carpet. Even you can use a stick-on graphic display to customize the carpeting options in your booth.

  • Interlocking

Interlocking is another flooring option for exhibitors. The foam and rubber square offers many advantages besides comfort. In the interlocking, the materials come in a wide array of options which are compiled to fit together for simple installation. The squares are made from the recycled rubber, making them eco-friendly flooring options.

  • Rollable Vinyl Flooring

Rollable Vinyl flooring is very popular in trade shows. It consists of different layers of colour or faux wood grain laminated to add excitement to your display. This flooring is very easy to install. Simply unroll the material and tape it to the floor. It comes in different thicknesses, varying lengths, and widths. You can install it as per your requirement.

  • Custom-Printed Flooring

With the recent transformation in printing and flooring technologies, you can now install custom printed flooring in your trade show booth. It adds the required color and excitement to your display. In this flooring, the imaged product will be printed on the underside of 75 Mil clear PVC. Absolute white material and banner material can also be used.

  • Artificial Turf

With artificial turf flooring, you can add unique colour and texture to your booth. This flooring is very popular amongst exhibitors who look for eco-friendly options. Artificial turf served as an excellent themed look for sports, landscaping, and other outdoor companies.

You know that every detail of your trade show booth counts. Attendees make snap decisions on whether to visit your booth or not. It completely depends upon the overall look of your booth. Choosing a flooring texture and colour that align with your brand will attract visitors to your booth.  Let us help you with the required booth for your upcoming trade shows.

Triumfo Inc. is one of the reliable trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas, offers engaging and innovative custom booths for events. We execute trade show booths of any size and scale. Browse the portfolio section to see our recent work. We offer custom, modular, country pavilion, and double-decker trade show booths.

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