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With so many booths vying for the interest of the attendees, it’s difficult to stand out.  Be smart in your approach, make the best use of your booth space. The secret of captivating your visitor’s attention is to utilize the space in the best possible manner. To do so make your booth social-friendly and conduct exciting user-engagement activities to keep visitor interest intact. The result would be higher footfall in your booth.

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  • The vision and mission of the event 

Every event needs to have a vision and a mission. This further aligns with the event goals as to what exactly you are trying to achieve. Furthermore, having the vision and mission in place helps to determine the look and feel of the 20×20 trade show booth. While selecting the theme of the event, consider the guest list. At times, potential clients are being presented with the new products. Call in the media to cover the entire event.

In contrast, in the small event, you need to work on the look and feel of the event so that it serves the purpose of a brand.

All this lay the vision and mission of the event as to why is the event being held? The business chooses various reasons to host an event of this type. Either, they are looking to increase brand awareness or looking to generate leads. Some organisations opts to improve their relationship with the clients in a fun way. In the same way, some organisations uses an event to educate their employees or visitors.

Regardless of why the event is needed, understanding the goal makes it easier to organise, market and measure the function. Whatever goal you determine, it must be specific, measurable, achievable and result-oriented. You also need to determine which key performance indicators are to be used for measuring the results as what worked in your favour and what should be changed for future events. In some event, gross revenue is the best measure and others make use of the guest registrations to measure the result.

If you establish the goals early in the process, you can easily prioritize the tasks and make your event a huge success.

  • Special Guests

Events invite special guests, such as industry veterans, dignitary or keynote speaker to increase footfall in their booth. Ensure to bring your guest into the planning stage well ahead of the show. By doing this, you ensure that each dignitary has the information needed to make your event a huge success.

Whatever initiatives you want to take ensure you take it well ahead of the show. If your event is built around special guest or speaker, ensure you reach early to make them available on the desired date. You can include this dignitary in early materials to generate curiosity and interest among your clients. The same strategy stands with the sponsors as well, once a sponsor or guest has been signed on, you can share your event and reach to the masses or broader audience.

Keep some space for the special guest on the recommendation of your dignitaries. Having the main presenter in place helps to encourage other talents present in the crowd where they will promote your product and services during the conversation. Once everything has been established, adjustment can be made to the budget if required.

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