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Exhibit at a well-known trade show and gain great exposure and build credibility. It is vital to plan ahead before buying a trade show booth design companies las vegas and verify all expenses associated with exhibiting. Many trades show the charge for everything right from light, chair, table, electric outlet to table covers. Invest only if you feel this will be an investment for many shows. Don’t over-invest until you are sure that ROI is high.

Well ahead of the show, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • How much is the average customer worth to you?

Identify the figure, how much is the average client worth to you? To find out the exact figure, divide your total sales by the number of clients that you made a sale to in a particular time frame. Consider whether your clients buy once or multiple times in a year. Based on the result, you can conclude whether buying would be the better option or not.

  • What trade shows will you be exhibiting at?

The next important point to consider is that what trade shows will you be exhibiting at? Ask yourself does your industry offers you 60 potential trade shows a year? Whether you are going to use all your exhibit all year? Or just one big 10×10 trade show displays that you have to attend to leave an everlasting impression. Based on the result, buy the exhibit for your next event.

  • Whether you need more than one exhibit?

Find out whether you need one exhibitor more than one exhibit. Does it completely depend upon the fact that how many trades shows you participate in one year? If you exhibit multiple shows in a year then considering a 20’x30’ island exhibit or a 10’x10’ inline booth would be the better option. Ensure you match the right exhibit to each show so that you can stand out on the floor.

  • What is your budget for a trade show exhibit?

Find out how much budget you want to allocate for each show? There are numerous expenses associated with each show you participate. It includes travel, accommodation, food, renting of the trade show booth, promotion, etc. Measure the right budget for your upcoming event. The decision would be much easier if you find out how much your average customer is worth to you. If you find the prospect participating in the show are of very high value then it may be a good idea to spent huge money on the exhibit.

  • Research what’s your competitor is doing this year?

To stand outlook at what your competitors are doing this year. Research the data thoroughly as what did they do last year? Was their booth eye-catching enough to attract their prospect? Which location they were exhibiting? Whether they were planning for a big push or cutting their cost for the next event. The correct idea of your competitors helps you to adapt your plan accordingly.

  • Which exhibit will match your trade show strategy?

Whatever exhibit strategy you have, whether you are launching a new product, looking to expand your customer base, or retaining your old clients. You need to find the right exhibit that increases your ROI. There are numerous tradeshow booth ideas to choose from. You can also consider the custom trade show displays in new york. Consider the best-suited option which matches your requirement like your brand, accessories, colors, podiums, and seating.

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